About me

I'm a director and movement teacher for actors. 

I started to dance at an early age and then later moved into theatre where I began my stage career, acting in a wide variety of roles and theatre styles. I co-founded the company ADA Theatre and during the 15-year longevity of this company, I have created, produced and acted in productions of diverse formats, from street theatre, to comedy, to site-specific performance.

Since 2012, I have specialised in movement training for actors and I currently work as a freelance director and teacher for actors and performers.

I continue to carry out research into my own practice, focusing primarily on harnessing the presence of the actor. The constant process of investigation into this field enables me to offer fresh, insightful training to each person or project.

My experience

Throughout my career I have undergone training in a wide variety of disciplines and methodologies, with a select number of professionals. This complimentary mix of training has allowed me to synthesise different disciplines into my own distinct practice.

My physical theatre training has propelled me towards a deeper investigation of the body and movement work. By applying methods of working such as the Viewpoints or Suzuki practice, I conduct a deep analysis into body-work in order to help the actor to avoid habits and encourage bold performance.

I believe passionately in theatre's ability to empower, and as a result much of my work has included the application of theatre and movement work to community settings. This has led to my further training as a dance-movement therapist, to obtain deeper knowledge about the positive impact that movement work can have on people's psychology.


I collaborate as an actor with other artists from different fields as a way to expand my own practice. In this way I continue to feed my own acting craft and reflect back on the performance experience first-hand, allowing me a higher level of connection with the actors I direct and train. 

I am attracted to collaborations with artists from diverse cutural backgrounds and disciplines as these connections offer new and refreshing insights into stage practice and greatly enriches my work.