My expertise for your project

By employing movement tools for actors, constructed from a variety of systems and methods, we will work together to find a bespoke movement vocabulary that will enrich your actors performance and overall stage-work.


Individual one-to-one work with actors to refine corporeal expression.

In Training

I design and facilitate group movement training sessions for actors.

In production

(Theatre and audiovisual) 

I create the physical vocabulary and direct movement for a play, scene or character. 

In community and education

We use theatre and movement techniques to connect body and mind. By aligning emotions to movement we aim to create internal states that allow us to feel more confident in own bodies. The work is employed from a holístic and inclusive viewpoint.

Intensive workshops 

  • we use theatre and movement as tools for expression; to play and engage the body. We investigate the emotions of each individual and create a safe space in which participants feel free to discuss thoughts and express themselves through movement. 


Do you think you could benefit from my work in any other way?

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